Hi and Welcome!

This is my diary of sorts, that I will share with you as I rediscover my first true love.  Writing.

There may be some coarse language (viewer discretion is advised)

pexels-photo-128299.jpegSetting up this space was something I wanted to do for a long time.  To welcome people into the inner dialogue of what is swimming around inside my brain as I (re)start this writing journey.

I had started a blog before, many years ago, but it kind of fizzled out.  I don’t know why…  Actually, I do.  It was an issue of self confidence, of finding my voice and having the courage to put myself out there in the world.  I didn’t know myself then.  That was almost 20 years ago.  Things are different now.  I’ve had an experience or two and I emerged on the other side ready to tell you story or maybe even two.

Growing up my mom nicknamed me “Dida” (to tell the truth, she still calls me that).  It was short for “Did I”, as in “Did I tell you….”  I love to tell stories.  Just about anything can turn into a captivating tale if you spin it just right and for my family, I was the Spin-master.

My little sister and her friends would gather around while I would spin a yard so terrifying they had to run out of the room.  Granted they were in grade school at the time, but it is still a wonderful anecdote that is shared at family dinners.

I have since stopped telling scary stories.  At least not intentionally scary ones.  lol  Real life can be scary enough.

As anyone who has ever written anything knows, it can be a frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking process.  It is also fulfilling, surprising and heartwarming.  And it can be all of these things and more, all at once, and for any number of reasons.

The things that inspire you might not be the things that inspire others.  Everyone’s journey is different.  This is mine.

This is my diary of sorts, that I will share with you as I rediscover my first true love.  Writing.

Fair warning, there may be some coarse language at times (viewer discretion is advised).

This website will contain musings about writing, Letters to Nowhere, Ode to The Commute and Reflections on the Registry – where I spend my 9 to 5.

I hope, if nothing else, that you will be entertained.  If you like what you see click the links below to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and of course hit the follow button!

It’s gonna be an adventure!

Let’s get started  :o)


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