Dear Fidgety Man

Part of the Letters to Nowhere Collection: Ode to the Commute


Dear Fidgety Dude on the Train,

I’m gonna need you to stop.  You are making me anxious.

We are almost there.  I don’t think it is doing your blood pressure any good if you can’t sit still.

I can almost feel you willing the train forward.

Now, while I have no desire to be stuck on the train, I also have no burning desire to rush to work.

As they say, everything in it’s time, and today, we are on time.  Let’s be grateful for that.

So please, stop fidgeting and rubbing you arm, leg, and somehow your back all over me.

I just want these next few moments of peace to watch the scenery pass by; because once this train stops, my day begins.

Yours Sincerely,

The Chick Beside You

(you know, the one with the newly developed static cling)

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