This post is about scary stuff. Deadlines, 9 to 5’s and Ghostbusters.




I don’t know how journalists do it.  Props to them.  I thought I had put the concept of deadlines behind me after I left school.

Sure, there are things at work that need to be complete by a certain time.  High noon on a Wednesday being the most recent, arbitrary and ridiculous example that comes to mind.  My job revolves around rules and the rules are codified in a book that actually has the word Rules in its title (that’s a lot of rules – and I’m sorry).  The “deadlines” that exist in my 9 to 5 (8:30 to 4:53 to be exact) belong to other people.  I am the Gate Keeper of the deadline, ever waiting for the Key Master.

Here is where you picture a sultry Sigourney Weaver type (me) waiting for a dopey looking Rick Moranis type (…..they know who they are…..)  who hopes he is on-time.  But knowing, at the end of the day, spirits from a failing containment unit won’t be released causing the Ghostbusters to have to come in “Savin’ the Day” (queue “Magic” by Mick Smiley) – In case you haven’t noticed……I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!

That’s my way of saying that if someone in my 9 to 5 world doesn’t meet their deadline it has no effect on me personally.  But that sounded underwhelming and a little callous.

But I digress.  (You’re going to hear that a lot.)

My point is, people who work with a deadline looming over them are a special kind of people.  They are either fantastic managers of time, or fantastic failures of the same.  They burn the midnight oil, they perfect their work at the 11th hour, and somehow, maybe with the assistance of copious amounts of caffeine later, the product is submitted and we, the consumer, get a chance to read it, review it, love it or hate it.  In the meantime, they have moved on to create the next thing, for the next impending deadline.  They are amazing, and they work incredibly hard at what they do.  Regardless of the content, I mean short of hateful, derogatory content, the act itself should be admired.

And as I am trying to get into / back into this world I realize that if I want to have any success, I have to get back in the school days mindset.  There are assignments to complete and I have to be diligent and focussed.  I have to make schedules and I have to make time for the thing I am trying to create.

I don’t have five easy steps to stay on track.  I don’t think it is that easy.  This post, to me, is evidence of that.  I have a submission coming up tomorrow and I am writing this instead of working on it.  Discipline is definitely something I have to work on.  I want to get my words out there, and I know that it is a matter of prioritizing writing and making the time to complete projects.  To keep myself somewhat organized and excited about the Canadian Literary Landscape I made a calendar and loaded it with a number of deadlines to meet.  I know I will not meet them all.  But I will try.  The more I write the more honed my writing will become and I am very excited to one day be able to share those words with you.

So, for now, I shall bid you adieu.  I have a deadline to meet.  😊

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