Letter to the “kid” at the back of the bus

Part of the Letters to Nowhere Collection: Angry Commuter Rant

Dear Kid,

Kid!  Kid!!  KID!!!

The hell dude?  Who raised you?  Is consideration for others so foreign a concept to you that you cannot understand that on a slushy winter evening such as this, you should not put your shoes up on the seat of the bus.

The public transit bus that people spend their hard earned dollars to pay to ride?

Never mind the fact that your feet shouldn’t be up there in the first place, but the seats are upholstered!  So now, not only is the seat dirty and salt stained, but soaking wet as well.

And someone, maybe me, is going to have to sit in it because the bus is packed.

You aren’t going to appreciate this right now because your comfort is paramount to you, but I’ll tell you when you will come to understand what I am saying.

It will be the day, not too far in the future, when you have that big presentation at school or that job interview and you sit down in a seat in someone else’s mess.  that will be the day when not only are your pants are salt stained, but your underwear is soaked and clinging to your skin.

As you walk to class, or to that all important interview cursing that complete douche-bag who ruined your day I want you to remember, that douche-bag is you.

Take your damn feet off the mother f*cking seat!


That Lady with the salt-stained ass

2 thoughts on “Letter to the “kid” at the back of the bus

  1. As a fellow commuter, I always assume that a wet mark on a public transit fabric seat is urine. I hope to high heaven it’s snow…but what happens when it’s not winter? 😦

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