I got a case of the Wednesdays… (it’s a thing)


With two deadlines looming early next week, I am doing my best to get through the edits on three short stories.

Is it normal that when you go back to look at something you wrote you want to not just throw it out, but also the part of your brain that came up with it?

That’s where I’m at right now.  I will get over it.

I know the work will be better on the other side, but right now, in the muck, I could just pack it all away and hide.

But I won’t.  I will roll up my sleeves and delve back in.

Right after I finish my lunch.

And get caught up on Twitter.

And maybe watch a trailer or two for some upcoming movies.

But definitely after that.

I promise.  (I know you can’t see me, but you have to believe that my fingers are not crossed behind my back)

These stories won’t rest, so I won’t be able to rest until they are ready to go.

I will eat and type.



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