Still in edit mode…

It’s been an interesting day.
The “Wednesdays” found me on Saturday!

I am feeling a bit defeated today.

I will take a moment to appreciate that with only 2 days left until submission number one is due, I have mostly finished 2 of the 3 edits.  One is ready to be submitted (not the one due on Monday mind you – but that is hardly the point right now), one is with the Professor for dissection and the last one sits open on my laptop, unfinished.  Me and my computerIt is staring at me,  taunting me and I think, heckling me.  Okay maybe it isn’t actually heckling me, but I am feeling judged by the words on the page.

We have been staring at each other, without a single change having been made, for hours.

I might need a break though I don’t know how I can justify it.  I haven’t done anything.

To save my sanity, I think I had better turn on the TV and watch something completely mindless for an hour or two…or let’s be honest, the rest of the night.

Edit mode is not functioning for me today.

I’m going to try a hard reboot (read drink some wine) and revisit this in the morning.




3 thoughts on “Still in edit mode…

  1. You have to actively edit! Just try even if you end up making some minute changes and end up discarding them, sometimes you just have to make some action.

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