Thanks but, no thanks.

I guess I am a real writer now folks.

My eyes sprung open today at 4:59am and I reached for my phone (because of course I would) and what did I see?  Well, I saw my first “Thanks but, no thanks” message.

I must say, I think I took it rather well.  I turned to my darling husband, Random, and said, “I got my first rejection letter.”  He responded, “Congratulations!” and left for work.

I got up and prepared for my day in the normal course, wrote on the bus and train, and when I got to the office I saw Professor K and asked him to come to my desk for a moment.

With a smile, I said “I’m a real writer.”  He looked at me expectantly and I revealed to him the content of the email.  He gave me a smile and said, “Yes, you are.”

We parted ways and went off to engage in our respective 9 to 5 duties.  I must admit that for some strange reason, I had a bit of a bounce in my step.  It felt odd to be okay with it, but I was.  And that felt good.

I am sure that it will not always feel this way, but today, it felt a little like I was given a test and I passed.

I read somewhere that “rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success”.  I liked the sound of it then, and I certainly like the sound of it now.  It’s much less scary when it is framed in that light.

A friend of mine suggested that the way I deal with the first rejection will set the tone for my attitude going forward and the dedication to the work to come.  She’s pretty smart, so I am going to trust her.

So, when I booted up my laptop on the commute home this evening I did so with the same amount of resolve and dedication I had yesterday and the days prior.  There was no hesitation.  No fear.  No second guessing.  And it felt great.

Which leads me to this conclusion.  I guess rejection isn’t so bad.  (Deep, I know)

Here’s to dream chasing; to the successes and the pitfalls that allow us to appreciate them when they come.


6 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Having this positivity is such a great thing. When I first starting getting rejections from my short story submissions, my heart would sink and I’d feel bitter, but once getting your thirtieth one (for various different stories) you start to realise that this is what happens to every writer. And, with perseverance, you’ll get to where you want to be! So – congratulations on your first rejection!

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  2. Congratulations! In order to be “rejected” you must do something first! The doing is sooooo important and you are doing it. So keep doing it.

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