Deadline met…..yeah baby!

with hours to spare…

The pic doesn’t lie.  Deadline is literally the 22nd of March.

Over the past few weeks I had been struggling with a non-fiction piece I was writing.  I thought I had missed the deadline to submit, but got the news that the deadline had been extended.  With much prodding and support from our favourite teacher, mentor, friend and pest, I got back to work.

A concert break and lots and LOTS of coffee later, I finally finished the piece.

I poured my heart and soul onto those pages; which were subsequently – and I am going to say lovingly(?) eviscerated by my trusty pal Professor K.

It was only weeks of torture, but that’s okay.  I get it.  (I really do)

His suggestion after the spirited back and forth we had regarding the latest draft?

Polish and submit.  Whaaaa?  Yay!!!

I submitted the piece a few short moments ago.

I just wanted to share.  :o)

Thanks again Professor.

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