Another one bites the dust

Yet another post about rejection

I might be getting used to this…

So, just got word…

Thanks but no thanks.  Again.

The email was very nicely worded and it contained in it a reminder that I have heard a thousand times before and that our dear Professor K like to say:

“Regrettably, rejection is an integral part of every writer’s life.”

I choose to believe them when they say that the part they dislike the most about putting out their literary magazine is sending out the rejection letter.  I have to believe that it’s a tough job to be judge of a Fiction Writer Contest, but they probably get to read hundreds of entertaining and wonderful stories from emerging writers from all around the province.  So that’s an up side.

To have to choose winners among so many entries, and then have the task of  informing everyone else that were not chosen must not be so nice.

So kudos to you contest judges.  Keep on encouraging us to submit and a place read the stories of our fellow writers in your literary magazines.

Some day soon I will on the receiving end of the “Congrats! You won!  Just don’t say anything yet” letters.  I feel it.  And I can wait.

In the meantime I will keep working, keep writing and continue submitting.

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