Dear Spring – Part 2

Let’s try this again

Whoa, hey! Hey there!!

Spring? Spriiiiing!

You’re leaving? Already? But, but why? You just got here. I’m not ready.

You say Summer’s here like that supposed to a) make any sense and b) bring me any comfort whatsoever.

Don’t you see that the trees are still bare and the grass is just trying to green?

We need you to stay just a couple of weeks more.

We aren’t ready for Summer’s unrelenting heat and our office’s ridiculous A/C policies.

I may not speak for all, buy I can’t go from her molten heat to their chest freezer. Not yet.

If you ever cared about me, give me a couple of weeks. Just a couple more, to wrap my head around the idea.

By that time I will be prepared to let you go (And have my summer wardrobe ready).

Yours in sweaty and sweatered confusion,

People who work in Office Buildings

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