Abbie – GO Bus

“That’s what friends are for”

A lot of my posts are about gratitude, and today is going to be one of those.

I went to dinner this evening with some friends at a local restaurant in our tiny nook in the world called Three Six Kitchen.  They have got a daily mac & cheese and a daily crème brûlée that will knock your socks off!  But this isn’t about the food… it’s about friendship.

Through fluke and Divine Intervention we met a number of years ago during our lengthy commute, riding the GO Train or GO Bus or a combination of the two.  Over that course of time we formed a wonderful friendship.  We would share our frustrations over our daily commute, our joys and pain; our wedding stories and tales about children or lack thereof.

Our conversations are loud, always hilarious, often controversial and most of all, full of love and support for one another.

Tonight was one of those nights.

We gathered at the local eatery and got caught up on the various goings-on in our lives and exchanged belated birthday wishes.

It was then that one of my friends handed me a white gift bag and said that she saw something that reminded her of me and had to have it made.

Have it made?  Ohhhh fancy, I thought.  I didn’t know what she meant, but I was excited to see what was inside the bag.  The photo featured above is a picture of the mug that was inside.  It says: “I’m a Writer.  Anything you say or do may be used in my next story.”  

The mug is funny and it is true…… Watch out – or keep doing what your doing.  Either way, I’m gonna use it.

I was, and still am, incredibly moved by this gift.  It served as a reminder that there are people in this crazy life of mine who are thinking about me, cheering me on and encouraging me.  Even when I don’t know it.

For my birthday I received a number of wonderful and thoughtful gifts.  Things that truly speak to who I am and the things I am passionate about; and to know that I have people who see me and who want to nurture this passion growing inside me, is something that I am having a hard time putting into words.

I am truly humbled to know that I have such terrific people in my life.

Just as we tend to do, we chatted until closing time.  And while I am sure the wait staff were quite entertained listening to our summer vacation plans and all of the non-human things named Kevin we have seen or heard on television, I’m sure they were also happy to see us go – if for no other reason than it meant that they could go home to their families.

I am very grateful to have these wonderful and supportive ladies in my life.

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