Dear Florence

She’s family. What can you do?

No, Seriously. What can you do??

Dearest Flo,

I know we are supposed to be family and everything, but you gotta give me a break.

You seriously overstayed your welcome last time and we had to take drastic measures to remove you from the property.  I helped you pack.  I put you in the cab myself.

I know that is not how I was brought up, but lady – come on!

I thought I saw you peeking through the living room window the other day.  Don’t think that I didn’t see you.  I did.

And now, you’re back.  I stumbled upon your toiletries bag in the powder room.

How you got in – I haven’t a clue.  Did you have a key made?  Did you pick the lock?

Regardless, here you are.  I’ll let you stay this time.  Just do me a favour, you have to leave.  I can’t miss you if you never leave.  And I so desperately want to miss you.

Thanks in advance,


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