Sharing My Soul

My finger hovers above publish.

Do I? Don’t I?

Oh, just do it!

Airplane! Sweat.gif

So, this pretty much sums up how I feel whenever I give someone a copy of a short story I have written.

Internally I am sweating buckets and my insides are churning, but I am trying to play it cool on the outside.  (I think they bought it.)

As I have mentioned before, I have some pretty terrific friends and they read a piece I wrote recently that dealt with some pretty heavy subject matter and we had a chat about it afterward.

We discussed the subject and more importantly the wider audience it would be exposed to should I ever let it out of my tight grip.  The true question on the table:  How was I ever going to be able to share this with anyone?

I would like to think that I would be able to divorce myself from the emotion that went into writing the piece and read it to someone as though it were just words on the page, but at the quote above notes, when I write I am letting the reader see pieces of my soul.

I think that is what I like most about this blog.  I have these moments where I feel the need to share something with the world, either via my novice attempts at poetry or my random musings about life or writing or any ol’ thing and this blog allows me to share these things with people outside of those who know me very well.

It has been difficult at times, and I am learning to speak in metaphors to describe some of the things that are upsetting to me, but I am doing it.  And I get to try it all out right here.  I get to practice being brave here, with you.  And I thank you for the opportunity.

Maybe one day, instead of sweaty dude from Airplane! It will look more like this:

Ta Da!.gif

I’m working on it.  :o)

4 thoughts on “Sharing My Soul

  1. I think any good writer who addresses the wide range of emotions and life experiences in fiction or non-fiction must be able to relate to the scene, to feel it, to be consumed by it. If the writer feels nothing, how is the reader to feel? I say truth be heard and let the reader sort it out. For me, I draw the line at superfluous violence or graphic scenes that don’t serve any purpose in moving the story forward. You have a wonderful voice. Let ot be heard when you feel good about it.

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    1. I absolutely agree with you. If you, as the writer writes something with honest emotion, the reader has no option but to connect with it. That, I find, is both the joy and the pain of writing. Finding myself here – in the “blogosphere” – was probably the best thing for me. I am not sure I would have found the nerve to write some of the more raw pieces I have, if I weren’t in an environment where the “Publish” button weren’t in the top right. Material would remain where it’s been for years. In a notebook, in the back of the night table drawer.

      All that to say, thank you for your insight and encouraging words.

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