Little Gems

You’re the real thing

Even better than the real thing

My office’s social committee, The Funky Bunch (TFB), is composed of several dedicated and fun loving individuals (and me).  We put on breakfasts, organize social outings and put on an amazing and well attended Christmas party every year.  We work hard at my office, but our social committee makes sure that we play hard as well.  It’s all about balance.

This year we decided to hold a Book Sale and made a call for folks to donate books from home so we would sell them to help fund our events.

People came through and today we set out a table bursting with thrillers, YA novels, kids books, cookbooks and music.  It was quite impressive.

I did a little shopping while I was setting things out, and picked up a novel that I keep hearing people say my novel kind of sounds like.  I had been looking for an opportunity to pick it up – and here it was, so I did.

Along with that find, I picked up a CD that reminded me of falling for a short musician in junior high.  He was super talented and really liked U2.

As I drove home tonight, along the country road, windows down and U2 blaring, I couldn’t help but be happy that this little crew operates so well and so creatively in my office.

These little gems brought me a lot of joy at the end of a long day.

Way to go TFB!


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