Night Music

Set the night to music

I have been sitting in my den editing for hours, listening to easy listening adult contemporary and the transitioning sounds of rural Clarington as day turns to night.

The chirp of excited birds and children, and the splash of the neighbour’s pool were replaced with the buzz and knock of the waking and dumbfoundingly ridiculous flight path of the umpteen number of Junebugs that haven’t quite mastered not flying directly into my house, pergola or windows.

And now, so far passed my bedtime that I can’t even wrap my mind around why I am still up (oh yeah, I’m waiting for Random to bring me some nachos), the night is filled with the call of bats.

It’s feeding time in Clarington and these bats have their own happy dance.  And as they set the night to music, I’ll enjoy my nachos, head off to bed and we can do it all again tomorrow.

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