Dear Stickman in the Rail Yard

Views from the train.

Oshawa edition.

Fellow Artists,

Let this Stickman in the Rail Yard serve as a reminder that even the greatest of us start from humble beginnings.  This person probably spray painted that somewhere in Kansas, and here I am in Ontario appreciating it.  You never know how far your art will go – in this sense, literally.

I saw this on a freight car this morning and my heart sang.  This is about the level at which I can draw a person.  My people drawings usually only have 3 sprigs of hair and sometimes I even put loopy shoes on my guys (literal oblong circles on the ends of the stick legs, with loops to denote shoe laces – I never said I was a visual artist…), so seeing this out in the world was wonderful!

Don’t be discouraged!  Don’t beat yourself up!  You are good enough.  The thing you are creating is wonderful.  Get your art out there.  Whatever it looks like.  Someone is going to appreciate it!  And who knows, if that person is me, I just might take a picture and write about it.  :o)

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