Works In Progress

Thanks Professor

I just finished Professor K’s WIP.  It is a novel about family and the feeling of otherness in the larger society.

I felt transported.  It made me miss my family who are thousands of miles away in South America, Europe, the States and Heaven.

It also made me feel hopeful, brave and reassured in the power of love.

Professor K has a helluva career before him and I am excited that I have a sideline view of the action.

Do yourself a favour and keep an eye out for work by Anil Kamal.

You can thank me later!

3 thoughts on “Works In Progress

  1. I knew I liked this Professor K 😛 Thanks for the kind words, fellow scribe. I can see both our novels on the shelf at Indigo Eaton Centre. They will both be Heather’s Picks and be on the front table. Rupi Kaur will need to take a week off 😉

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