Dear GO Transit

Son of a B#*&$!!!

I hope you realize that it is 40 degrees outside and that the air is so humid and close that it clings the sticky polluted haze of the city all over your skin.

‘Don’t worry little commuter,’ you say. ‘There’s AC.’

Read that to mean, ‘We’re gonna stick you in the refrigerator’. And they do.

Surely, you must realize that on days like these people just want to go home, thaw out and take a shower (how else are you supposed to catch your summer cold?).

These people (I am one of them) are infinitely frustrated with the fact that you are an organization that runs trains and buses and on days like these we can almost count on the fact that there will be some ridiculous hiccup in our long commute home.

In July the trains can’t run on time (or at all) cuz it’s too hot and as sure as there are 6 thousand people smooshed into this train, in February, the train can’t run because it’s too cold.

Give me a break!!

The first red cancellation on the board is my train. And now, as I sit on the “6 o’clock” train – that arrived suspiciously early and wait the 40 minutes until the milk truck begins to rumble down the tracks (to take me to the milk truck bus, which then takes me to my car so I can drive home) I try to find my center.

The screaming inside my head is so loud and profane it’s a little shocking – even to me. The things I’m saying about your momma are uncalled for…but then again…are they???

I’m glad I had that two scoop sundae for lunch. I can now justify the calories given that I won’t be home until 9pm. It will serve as both lunch and dinner.

All this to say, F U GO Transit.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


Disgruntled Commuter

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