West Side Story has the cure for what ails you.

Even today, nearly 60 years after the film first aired.

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with emotion, whether it’s because I’ve had a particularly difficult day at the ol’ 9 to 5, or it’s just one of those days where I kind of feel underneath it all.  And like the kids pictured above, I feel sweaty, dirty and tired – emotionally speaking of course.  I work in an office.

When I feel that way music is usually the cure for this savage beast and this song is one of those that reminds me to calm down.  The way these performers use their bodies to personify their angst is terrific and the punctuated instrumentals allow you to feel all that angst and sort through that crazy swell of emotions.

This is one of those “Dance like nobody’s watching” moments.  For me anyway.  No one needs to see this.  But boy oh boy is it cathartic!

Thankfully, I do not find myself in the same predicament the Jets are in.  I’m not on the run from the cops after a gang fight went sideways.  But I think the sentiment is universal.

The lesson to be learned here?

Just play it cool boy.  Real cool.

Enjoy “Cool” from the 1961 film West Side Story.


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