Dear Briar

My Dear Sweet Briar,

Lately, I can seem to get you off my mind. I have been dreaming of you.

Bittersweet dreams.

Dreams that, at times, drape around my shoulders like a thick blanket. Warm and heavy, I find them comforting.

It is in those times that I forget.

I forget what it took to be where I am today. I forget about the choices I made that deliberately, purposefully took you from my arms.

It has been difficult to come to terms with those choices and every time I am convinced that I have, you somehow appear and I am broken again.

I know that what I have done was the right thing to do.  Knowing that, and living with the choice are very different.

I tried, I truly did.

Writing these letters to you is all I can do and I hope they eventually find you.  For, now, that is all I can do.

Time passes so quickly and right now, it seems that all I can do is breathe.

I have to find my way.

But I know that you will always be with me.  In my heart and in my soul.

Love you always,


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