I Was Warned

It is a cold, windy winter morning here in Ontario.

I was motoring along, heading to the 7:03 am train when I noticed a new train in the railyard.

New train means new graffiti.

When I stopped to take this photo this morning, I was amused. I did not realize it was a warning.

“Dun   Jer”

I snapped the picture, chuckled to myself and turned to make my way to the train.  That was when I was struck in the eye by a gigantic, somewhat icy snowflake.

It filled my whole eye!

I blinked a couple of times and I was fine. But for that brief moment – when I said ‘ow’ it was really quite shocking .

Dun  Jer?  More like, Danger.

Fair enough railyard.  I was warned.

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