Dear Briar

My Dearest Briar,

I send you happiest wishes for this new year.

Being here, without you, has been difficult. Far more difficult than I could have ever imagined.

It is in this – emptiness – that I have had the time to reflect. To make peace. To find strength. But there is nothing here. Nothing but the pain, the regret, of a love lost.

I awoke from a dream. It was troubling and beautiful. It saddened me to know that wherever you are, you may be alone. But I was hopeful that you were at least happy.

Time has elapsed so quickly. Days to night, weeks and seasons. Decisions made and actions taken.

All that is left is nothing.

I write this into the void. This I know. But I hope that one day, it will serve us both well.

With an aching heart and most sincere wishes for peace and love,


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