What? Not Wat

And other things that go BUMP in the night…
Ghostbusters Style!

I can admit it.  I don’t like things that scare me.  Some people, like my dear Random, find it thrilling.  I, on the other hand, find no pleasure in things that go ‘bump’ in the night.  That side of me must have developed after I watched episodes of The Real Ghostbusters because I distinctly recall LOVING that show.

Now that is not an indictment, I really enjoyed those shows.  It is a testament to how good writing can impact a developing mind.

There is a line in the episode “Mrs Robinson’s Neighborhood” that goes something like: “Thirteen Thirteen Thirteenth Street”.

It is an address I often reference, much to everyone’s general confusion.  To me, it is an indication that something unknown or troubling lurks just beyond the bend (or at a particular location).

The guys were discussing the address of their next job and it was located at 1313 13th Street.

Wat was located there.


No, no.  Wat.

This is Wat
Related image

As you can see, something YIKES this way comes!  While that creature is terrifying in its own 1986 cartoon kind of way, that is not the little beastie that came to mind when I saw that train whizz by.

I was thinking of Egon Spangler’s childhood nemesis, The Boogeyman.

This is the Boogeyman.

Related image

In the episode, “The Boogeyman Cometh” you meet this nasty ghoul who lives in kid’s closets and gets a real kick out of scaring the ever-loving crap outta them.

Clearly what I saw that day on the train was the Boogeyman, not Wat.  Either way, it brought back memories from my childhood that are never too far away.

  20190624_175201_hdr~25715040298626588253..jpg  Related image


If you like scary things, perhaps find these old episodes and check out what we were watching as children through adult eyes.

If you are like me and don’t like scary things, perhaps you should still go back and check them out.  I know I will!

These episodes were well written, thought out and ahead of their time.

They are creepy and they are classics!

And while I don’t think it needs to be said, I will say it anyway.  Never settle for less than The Real Ghostbusters.

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