Happy Monday?

First thing this morning I see several giant crows (a murder of crows – yeah, a bit disquieting) milling around my neighbourhood and think to myself, ‘huh, look at these guys. They won’t even move when they hear a car coming. Jerks.’

Then, I get to the train station and see this:

Okay… I say to myself. Nice colours. Let me snap a pic before the train pulls in. All the while, innocently humming “Doom, doom, doom, doom” from the show Invader Zim

I continued my stroll along the platform and I caught a glimpse of some great artwork ahead, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to capture it before the train pulled in. I resigned myself to take the picture on my way home tonight after work.

But as luck would have it, my coach was nicely aligned with the freight car and once I got settled I took a couple of shots.

It wasn’t until I finished taking the pictures that I really appreciated what was depicted on the train car.

Ummm, okay. Great design. Cool eye for the “O”. Is that a moon on the right?

At this point, I am very hopeful that it has just been an interesting morning and that these are not a harbinger of what is to be my day.

Mondays are generally no fun, but this might be a bit over the top.

Anywho, wish me luck.

Happy Monday!(?)

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