That Look

I argue my case before you

Has my point been made?

Unsure now

I question – how long have I been speaking?

Then the expression

Both bewildered and at the same time disinterested

Though never cruel – not intentionally – I’m convinced

You have no idea what I’m talking about.

What more should I expect?

No one’s life interests you more than your own.

Knowing each other the way we do

I should do better to protect myself.

For every time you give me that look, it carves a hole in my gut

A hole big enough to suck in the world

(Perhaps I am not cut out for this)

All those years with a nose in a book

All those years a pupil at your feet

All to be cut down by a look

(It may be time to take up a new profession)

I steal myself for one last foray

For my final test is your searing glare

I will find my resolve

I will discover my voice, my security

My confidence

And because of you, perhaps in spite of you,

I will discover my place in this world

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