3 AM Thoughts on Betrayal

Betrayal comes in whispers and screams

It lies awake beside you

It follows you throughout your day

It looks you in the eye while it lies

It’s in the good mornings and good nights

All the in-betweens

And for a time you were innocent

Engaged in the farce that played out around you

What happens when the truth comes to light and the betrayal is revealed?

How do you carry on knowing the Betrayers sit comfortably alongside you?

Their unspoken lies surrounding you.

Taunting you, relishing in your presumed ignorance


Tired and no longer willing to paint your face

You are no longer willing to play your part

Everything is a question

Was anything genuine?

With no desire to fight you withdraw

No one notices and that speaks volumes

Your plasticine smile was for them

There is no need for it any longer

Curled away, you carve a space for you

Only You.

This is the place where you can scream

Loud enough to shake the Earth

Cry enough tears to quench deserts

And meditate to quiet turbulent seas

It is in this place that you will rebuild,

It is here that you will reclaim the part of your heart they tried to steal from you


When you emerge from this sacred place

You are stronger and wiser

More discerning

Your Betrayers can no longer look you in the eye

For they know they will find themselves reflected back

And are rendered powerless


Things won’t be the same, and they shouldn’t be

But should you need it

The place you created is always there

In the quiet of the middle of the night

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