Happy Anniversary – to Us!

I was just thinking about what I would write for Written By Grimes’ second anniversary, when lo and behold, I get the notification that it’s today! (I really need to put this in my calendar)

Today. I mean, wow! February 11th, 2018 was when this all started. That is some incredible stuff.

I was not prepared, so here we go, off the top of my head.

2 years, 153 posts, 154, including this one. Some short, some long, but all from the heart. Lots and lots of words.

My very first post was a welcome post that touched on why I started down this journey in the first place. I was rediscovering my first love, and I am happy to say that it remains as bright and consuming a love affair as it was when I first started down this road.

It was here that I began to experiment with poetry. I am working on it, but like most things in life, it remains a work in progress. 

It is here that I am able to work out so many things that are going on in my head. It is here that I share with you my random thoughts, the difficult and provocative things, and sometimes the heartbreaking moments in my life.

It has been a joy, a stressor, and a way to practice getting into the habit of writing regularly, which I love.

This site has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, while somehow snugly ensconced in my comfort zone, and share parts of me that I had let hide away in the shadows for many, many years.

I am glad to have had the opportunity over the past couple of years to rediscover my passion and to share it with you.

Here’s to many more years of Book News, Poems, Musings and Letters to Nowhere.

It remains true that I hope you are entertained. I am privileged that you continue to let me into your inboxes where I can share with you a tale or two.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

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