How you do that
Bring me to my knees with nothing but a glance
The light in your eyes when they fall upon me from across a room
I am spotlighted, yet no one sees

Your gaze, it physically touches me
Warms me
I know I am safe, yet I am exposed
How you manage to strip me to my very essence is remarkable

There is nothing I would hide from you
Before you I am naked

Unfair to those around us / Keep it hidden / The only recourse

You cannot look at me
Not that way

My breath quickens, defenses strip away

You are not mine
I cannot have you – Nor you, me

We mustn’t
To give in would mean destruction
Love leaves a terrible wake

If we were to touch, it would engulf us
Then the world
Leaving behind nothing but ashes

For you, I will weigh the consequences

We mustn’t
The world will burn

The question measured / The answer Primal

Survival be damned
Bring the marshmallows

Photo by Matt Holmes on Unsplash

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