The Writers Block

The Kevin Show Episode 2 – The Writers Block – On SoundCloud

I was invited to have a chat with a dear friend of mine for his Podcast “The Kevin Show”. It was going to be about writing and creativity and I was excited. I was also, for some unknown reason, very nervous.

We were going to talk Caycie Thompson and The Violence of Fire. Poetry and my writing process.

I’m a writer. I can talk about writing. Right?

Oh boy. This oughta be good…

I’m ready!

Yesterday, March 14th, 2020, was the day.  I got ready and went to the studio in Oshawa, Ontario, where he records the show. 

When I arrived we sat around and talked for a bit, and I admitted to him that I was quite nervous. We laughed about that for a minute, but at the core of it was this strange realization.

This was this whole new medium and I was reaching beyond the confines of the people I knew. I was going to have my voice captured and broadcast for anyone to hear. 

Would I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about? Would I come across naive or pompous? Or both?

What does my voice sound like?  Oh no!  What if I sound like the Jolly Green Giant – I mean, that might be kinda cool, but is that what I’m going for?

“Going for”? Who says things like that?

Would I sound like me?  Gosh, I sure hoped so.

I had to step away for a moment and freshen up. I was freaking myself out.

The thing about being friends with a musician is that their life is music. Music is integrated into everything they are and everything they do.

I stepped into the washroom and this song started to play from the speaker in the ceiling and tears welled up in my eyes so fast I could hardly believe it.

I have written about the power of music and its ability to transport you a couple of times. Most recently in Playlists and Other Dangerous Goods.

Let me tell you, this moment was so incredibly meaningful to me, I could barely stand it, and I will never forget it.

I said it then, and I will say it again. Thank you, Kevin, for knowing me so well. You helped put me at ease and remind me that we are two buds who have known each other since the onset of puberty. The two of us talking is the most natural thing in the world and as a result, our conversation was organic and honest. 

(Also, thank the Good Lord for wine!)

Tin Roof Chardonnay

I’ve been going to his house for 30 years. Sometimes for snacks after school, other times to hang out and ride bikes, for parties that went on til the wee hours of the morning, or just to talk for hours and hours about this, and that, and nothing at all. We have solved all of the world’s problems and created some brand new ones in the process. (Ooops – sorry about that. LOL)

All that to say, I was able to relax and when I did, so did he, and then we got to work. I use that term relatively loosely.

We spent hours chatting and he taught me a little about podcasts. I will have to continue the conversation at a later time because that medium is fascinating to me. There is so much to learn and the opportunities in that form of media are definitely expanding.

Kevin’s theme song is killer and I love it. I think it suits the show really well and I am in constant awe of creative people who make music. It requires such skill and patience. It’s incredible and we are all better off because of them. A world without music is a scary thought, but I digress.

At the end of the session, we listened to it together.  I made faces when I heard the sound of my voice – as one does – but in the end, we were both happy with the final product.

It was an absolute delight to do what we do when we are just hanging out, and to now have the opportunity to share it with you.

Without further adieu, I am pleased to present to you, The Kevin Show.


Listen to The Kevin Show Episode 2 – The Writers Block on SoundCloud

I hope you enjoy it.


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P.S. The actual music video from The Monkees episode where the song aired, starring the incomparable, Julie Newmar.


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