Raging rivers flow through me

Threatening to tear me apart

I trust in but one thing to thwart that which would consume me

Only you can quell the battle within


With arms wrapped tight around me

Waves crash upon the rocky shore 

I know I am safe

And soon, like the passing of millennia

Jagged edges submit, leaving behind precious sand


Thunder crashes and lightning streaks through the sky

Storm clouds loom, dark and pressing

My mind fills

It surrounds me


Then, your voice, a reprieve 

Rain to scorched earth, I absorb you 

When the tempest has passed,

Stars shine bright, unencumbered in the heavens


I feel you in the cool rustle of breeze through the trees

You may not be with me, but I feel you ever-present beside me 

A dancing leaf, a bending bough

You welcome me


Your very existence soothes me

You bring me quiet and serenity

You are my secret calm

And though I can never tell you

I trust you may already know

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