Romance so Romantic

It’s almost too much to bear

In honour of my recent wedding anniversary and the sumptuous romance of a warmly lit Christmas tree in a quiet living room, here are my final thoughts on Crash Landing on You: The Romance Edition. Don’t act surprised. You knew it was coming.

Romance so romantic it’s almost too much to bear. That’s what my heart was screaming while I sucked in air and clasped my hand atop my breast to still my heart from leaping from my chest in its ever broadening search for a love so pure, bursting is it’s only recourse.

Yes folks, I have become a romantic of the hopeless variety. But don’t tell anyone. But not your average romance. No, no. I need soul clutching, hanky soaking, examine and redefine your own definitions of love and loyalty, romance. And kdramas are spoiling me rotten with their consistent delivery of the good stuff.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I really liked that Crash Landing on You did not just focus on the romantic elements of love. Just as important to the story were the underlying themes and love stories of patriotism, friendship, and family; all of which were done quite well.

One of the things I find incredibly frustrating about life in general and television shows in particular is that people – for whatever reason, and there are many – are not fully honest with the people in their lives. We all have had moments where we wish we could say something to someone we care about, but don’t for fear of embarrassment or vulnerability. When this plays out in our own lives we kick ourselves, but we console our sheltered and tender ego. Anyone who has ever interacted with another human being knows what I am talking about.

Feeling vulnerable is uncomfortable and being open can lead to getting hurt. But thanks to the magic of television, one can place themselves in the shoes of another and feel the pressure of the vulnerability lifted from their own shoulders, but also understand the weight.

A huge part of the romance in this tale is driven by vulnerability. All those times when you wish a character would just say what’s on their mind – (you know it from the ache you get in your gut) because you know it would clear the air, soothe egos and misunderstandings, and ease hearts – that happens a lot in this show.

It was so satisfying to hear the characters tell each other the things that they knew the other person needed to hear (even if they didn’t want to hear it). It was a wonderful lesson in honest and pure communication and I enjoyed every moment. From the silly and innocent, the betrayals and manipulations, to heartfelt confessions and professions of love, admiration and respect.

For me, it all culminated in a post 16 episode crying induced headache that left my eyes puffy well into the following day and my heart and imagination full to this day.

The writers of this drama certainly knew their audience and left no emotional stone unturned. The honesty of the dialogue allowed the story to cut right to the heart of loss, isolation, fear, security and above all things, love.

In the end, it all comes back to the writing. It left this viewer inspired to strive for authentic communication in my relationships. To allow myself to be a little more vulnerable, and open myself up to the benefits of giving and receiving the kind of love and understanding expressed in that show.

As a writer, I hope to explore these things so they can be reflected in my writing. Striving for authentic emotional connection is the goal of most writers. They have certainly managed it here. I will endeavour to learn the lesson and apply it to my own work.

At the end of the day, I place this drama in the ranks of Fated to Love You, which, to me, is quite high praise. If you get a chance, definitely check it out!

I highly recommend Crash Landing on You for lovers, the lovelorn, and anyone who enjoys heartfelt entertainment. You are in for a treat. Just be sure to pack your hanky.

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