Moments – caught in time

Momentous, mundane

Precious. Abiding.

Now that time has passed

And as only the wisdom of age allows,

Examine what has transpired.

Do it with new eyes

Fresh Eyes

Blessed with humility, purity and tenderness

Time gives the gift of perspective


Understanding, Sadness and Remorse

Who can you tell? The secret you see reflected there.

Thoughts draped in shame and worry

Expressions of disdain and moroseness

Such a folly.

Who could be convinced that underneath there was happiness?

Even joy.

You will try, for posterity, to remember

That which you know now,

That which you could not be convinced of then

You are beautiful

Photographer, I remain haunted by lyrics and regret

Never willing to accept you might not take another picture

I will smile.

When the time comes, I promise to smile.

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