Ummm, close…

…but you got the wrong Grimes

Oh Grimes. I say that often, but I am usually referring to myself… This time, not so much.

So, I log onto my site today to review comments and take a general look around, when what do I come upon, but an interesting comment in my Spam folder.

A Spam Comment

The comment was in response to my post It’s a process – My process, wherein I describe, you guessed it, my writing process.

I get some interesting comments in my Spam folder, but what I thought was most interesting about this one was that it 1) is about an artist named Grimes (the singer, not me – obvi), and 2) it’s about her writing process.

This is kinda equal parts cool and creepy. Not as creepy as the weird seat belt one, and not at looney tunes as some of the conspiracy theory ones that show up, but still, moderately off putting.

Ah well, off to the digital wasteland with you, inaccurately aimed comment. It was amusing while it lasted.

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