THE Anil Kamal

There can only be one.

Like Highlander, but for screenwriting.

One summer day, screenwriter @theanilkamal and I went for a walk through my childhood neighbourhood and talked about the setting and inspiration for a story I was working on (am still working on).

I discussed our adventure in South Oshawa in an earlier post, which can be found here.

We talked about what it was like to grow up in a Guyanese household in suburban Ontario.

We talked about this, and that, and nothing at all, and it was great.

Anil is my editor, my colleague, and most of all my friend. We drive each other a little bananas at times, but what friends don’t? We do it out of love. 🥰

Recently, Anil and I recorded the first installment of my new series Conversations with Creatives on Written By Grimes: The Podcast.

Click the link above to listen in on part 1 of our chat. We talk growing up creative, the joys of ironing, and how to properly eat oysters. (🤢)

Episodes of Written By Grimes: The Podcast are available wherever you listen to podcasts!


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