Meet Kevin A. Fagan: Rapid Fire / Slow Burn

Kevilonious dripping in gold!
Image by @illustra_shains

Kevin Anthony Fagan and I have been friends for what seems like forever. We met when his family moved from Scarborough to South Oshawa. We met at Summer Vacation Bible School – my parents’ idea to keep me out of trouble during the late 80’s. (They tried…)

Kevin and I immediately hit it off and we have been friends and occasional classmates throughout Junior High and High School, ever since. When I’ve needed an unbiased, non-relative guy’s perspective over the years, he is very often the first person I go to.

Listen to The Kevin Show on Spotify

Kevin, referred to by friends and fans alike as Kevilonious, is a talented lyricist, musician, and poet. He is a passionate and entertaining storyteller and terrific listener, which means he is very at home in the podcasting world. Be sure to check out his podcast The Kevin Show, on, or wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Whenever Kevin and I sit down to chat we often joke that we should record it for the world to hear. Well, we did exactly that last year on his show. It was a fun and emotional experience I wrote about here. I thought it might be fun to do it this year on Written By Grimes: The Podcast in my “Conversations with Creatives” Series.

In part one, I attempt to do a Rapid Fire with Kevin, but I make the rookie, and admittedly, very Abbie-like ‘mistake’ of asking a follow up question, which invariably opens the door to segues and rabbit-holes, and transforms a ‘Rapid Fire’ into a ‘Slow Burn’. Essentially a typical conversation one might overhear if Kevin and I happen to be within earshot.

Click the link above to listen in on part 1 of our chat. Kevin tells us about dreaming in Jamaica, listening to secular music in a religious household, and the the shallow side of leaving a legacy.

Kevin also shares a musical sample of what might be the toughest toy known to man.

Kevin’s “Adamantium” Apple circa 1978

I am pleased to introduce you to my dear friend, Kevin A. Fagan.

Written By Grimes: The Podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts!

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