Meet Kevin A. Fagan: The Interview

Kevin and I continue our chat. We discuss the learning curve involved in podcasting life, staying motivated, and what inspires us.

Listen in as Kevin discusses making music, letting things breathe, and the importance of knowing yourself and re-examining your purpose.

One of Kevin’s many notebooks

Kevin shares with us his unique filing system and forgets we are in an audio medium as he shows me the many places he keeps his ideas.

Our chat is a walk through the emotions that accompany any aspiring creator, from the struggles to the excitement and the many rabbit holes we fall in along the way.

We also discuss the inspiration for his podcast, The Kevin Show and why he chose to interview his sister as his first guest.

Is your name Kevin Fagan? Do you know someone named Kevin Fagan? Are you/they musical? Kevin is looking for you! Help bring his dream to create a band of all Kevin Fagans to fruition! Leave a comment here or hit him up on his socials! Let’s make this dream come true!

Check out Kevilonious on Soundcloud and be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram for your most up to date WWE perspectives and the projects he’s working on!

Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday by subscribing to his podcast!

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