Switching Tracks

I am taking a bit of a hiatus from the podcast side of life to focus on editing and querying my current WIPs.

Written by Grimes: The Podcast is taking a summer snooze!

With multiple items drawing my attention here and there, personally and professionally, it became clear it was time to focus on the one project that I have been putting on the backburner.

I need to get that book out in the world and in order to do that, I have to prioritize!

So, for the rest of July, I will be focused on getting my WIP in querying shape and querying the heck out of it.

I am hopeful that I will continue to keep my eyes on the prize, though you know me…… SQUIRREL!! I really gotta work on that!

Wish me luck!

In the interim, if you just can’t go that long without the soothing sound of my voice, please catch up on any episodes you may have missed, and maybe listen to them all over again. And please do tell all your friends to subscribe, wherever they listen to podcasts!

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