New Platform. Who Dis?

I’m joining the A/V Club!

Hi Everybody!

I hope this summer has brought you some relaxation and time to concentrate on and be grateful for the things that bring your heart joy and peace.

It has been a busy year thus far in the Written By Grimes ecosystem. With new poems and conversations on the podcast and novel editing, I have been having a terrific time flexing my creative muscle in ways I hadn’t quite expected when this journey began.

I had been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for some time and with the encouragement of my husband and dear friends, I have made that next step.

I have started creating short videos to accompany the poems I recite on Written By Grimes: The Podcast and have posted them on my YouTube channel, Written By Grimes.

I would be so honoured to have your support. Follow the link above to check out the channel. Please hit “Like” on any video you like; and, if you are interested in seeing more, please subscribe to be among the first to see all the new content I create!

This video accompanies the poem “Dimming Star

Dimming Star on YouTube

My plan for the channel is to create visuals to accompany my poetry, videos of Conversations with Creatives, behind the scene peek at a write-in, some storytelling, and maybe even some lives!

For all the places you might find me and my work, please visit my at

I hope you will join me on this next step in my creative journey!

Thank you for your support!

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