Happy New Year!

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A day late, but what is time if not a fluid concept open to various interpretations.

I needed a bit of time to reflect on what 2021 meant to me. Like 2020, it was a year of change, both personally, professionally, and creatively. Those changes came in the form of pain, frustration, and grief, but also in anticipation, joy, and tremendous excitement and relief.

Ever since I was young, our family’s tradition has been to spend New Year’s Day together. No matter where you were in the province, if you could get home, you would go home. This was the case when I lived in Windsor and my brother in Ottawa. We lived 9 hours away from one another, but home was the halfway point. And we went there. It is our way to hit the reset button. To start anew from home base.

2021 was hard. We all needed to hit refresh. 2022 will, no doubt, have its challenges, as every year does, but we can feel assured that we started off with two feet on home plate.

I hope wherever you spent New Year’s Eve you were surrounded by loved ones and that you were able to reflect back on 2021 and find, beyond its challenges and heartbreaks, some joy, kindness, and most of all love.

I hope your New Year’s Day brought you to home base, wherever that may be for you.

Here’s to hope and a sense of excitement for what this new year can be for you personally, professionally, and creatively.

Wishing you all the beautiful things 2022 can bring.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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