Months have passed. Years, really.
So many sunsets. Too few words
Greying ringlets spring free from a tightly gathered bun
Betraying the frantic emotion buttoned under a strict façade

Maybe this time I will find the words
Before another fall or winter
Maybe this time, before it's too late
Before he tells me I'm too late

It can't be
It's not fair

The chance to be honest
A chance for once in my sad, detached existence to tell the truth

And it will remain there,
Just shy of my outstretched hand

It's funny sometimes

Brief and Chaotic
Lovely and Splendid
Sordid, yet Rich

We are surrounded by luxuries we cannot begin to fathom until they are stripped from us
Embrace them,
For time is not among them

I will embrace him
While there is still time
I will embrace him
With truth, with honesty
With Love

But we are not favoured

Moments pregnant with meaning are fleeting
And when the last grains of sand lay spilt from the hourglass
I will hold him

Precious as it would have been
It will never be
And I will remain, as ever I was

Calm, steadfast, and exacting

In the quiet of space and time, I will let him rest
Uncomplicated, unknowing
Yet all the while, fiercely and siliently loved

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