All the Things I Should have Said on a Tuesday Afternoon

Smiles lay heavy upon our lips
Our mouths empty caverns, through which jumbled alphabets clamour and spill
Forming sharp stalactites and mighty stalagmites
Forging treacherous paths
Over time, from below and above fuse to impressive columns of silence, containing all the things never said

As we grow, we tread old patterns on new paths
Search through rubble to find jewels to polish and shine 
To string together meaning to lay like wreaths upon our weary shoulders
Strings to pass down, so they won’t be lost

Adorning ourselves in words, in hopes that someone will see.
Someone will call attention.
Someone will deem them valuable.
All the while knowing they are but glass
Shiny and pretty; Fragile and meaningless

Sitting together in silence we claim is comfortable
We share a drink in the summer sun
Watching perspiration form upon the glass
Droplets catch in the sun and sparkle, the way conversation should

The heavy smile returns, carrying the weight of deep yearning
Desperate to chip away at the façade 
Eyes now cloudy with time and knowing 
Starkly aware that it’s too late

Silent vows to do better brush against reality
There will be no opportunity
There will be no other time
Never to admit we are so terribly alone, 

Glass beads draped against my collar,
Once yawning caves, now sewn shut
I sit
With all the things I should have said on a Tuesday afternoon

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