The prettiest things
The most delicate things

We put them on display
To enjoy and relish
To hold dear

What is a garden?

Sights and scents
Textures and flavours
And still, so much more

Designed to entice and inspire awe,
They teach us patience and humility
Provide sanctuary, and 
Give solemn respite to the weary heart and mind

A collection of gifts along our journey
Keepsakes of memories of those who came before
Traditions passed down through generations

Their knowledge deep in the soil,
As true as our roots
And when nurtured,
Bestow upon us a plentiful bounty

In our very hands,
A genesis
A contemplative awakening

What truly is a garden?

Lushious and great
Filled with colour and wonder
Steeped in culture and folklore

It is cherished remembrance
It is Life

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