All Nano’s Eve

What’s scarier than Hallowe’en? Nanowrimo.

It is 9:45pm on Hallowe’en night. Nanowrimo Eve.

I spent the evening on my porch doling out treats to the neighbourhood ghosts, goblins, and witches who ventured out on this chilly, rainy night.

I enjoyed watching them excitedly run from house to house to load up on treasures of the sweet and savoury variety. And I enjoyed chatting with them and their parents as they stood on the covered porch, sheltered albeit momentarily, from the weather.

When the last stragglers made it to our house, we bestowed upon them the generous balance of our bounty (sorry parents) and we packed up. We turned out the lights and settled in for some dinner and TV.

As drowsiness began to settle in, it suddenly came to mind… tomorrow is November 1st. The beginning of Nanowrimo.

I had just recently spoke to a friend and made the decision to accept the challenge again – I haven’t participated in Nanowrimo since 2019. Covid kind of took the wind out my sails when it came to even considering endeavouring in such an activity.

Earlier, my husband has asked if I was going to participate this year – probably in preparation of saying goodbye to me for 30 days – but I had not made the decision at that time.

Now, laying in bed, after my 9-5, then my annual role of “Lady on the porch handing out candy”, I am struck by the reality that in just one more sleep I will, once again, participate in this global writing challenge.

Admittedly, I’m a little more than a little bit nervous. That stems from a bit of a competitive streak I have when I am competing against my former self.

With tricks and treats behind us, we turn our minds to Nano Eve. I will cozy up in my bed to rest, as November 1st brings a whole new world. A world of dreamers bringing our dreams to life on the page.

I will keep you updated on my Nanowrimo journey throughout the challenge.

Good luck to my fellow Wrimos!

Goodnight dreamers.

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