Glass House

There you sit
Encased in glass
Volatile. Dangerous.
Watching from your perch

The air fairly sizzles 
Unsettled and frenetic
Conducting from your station

When your eyes fall upon me
It is revealed
What lay before me is both beguiling and perlious
To deny it would be a folly

I venture closer
Excitement pricks my spine
Terrifying. Delicious.
Untouched from on high

Am I safe?
Flirting with disaster but knowing it can no longer harm me?
I am safe in the knowledge
But to whom am I lying?

Encased in glass
You are far more dangerous than you ever were
For the boundaries disappear when the threat is erased

Take care, I warn
Protect yourself
The danger lies in the security
Unblinking and patient, you assess

Glass is fragile
Fissures lead to cracks
Before the shattered case, I stand
Shards embedded in my flesh

Unbound and wild
Unfettered by makeshift limitations
Kinetic charges arch and dance
You surround me

The true danger of you lies in my imaginings
You have no hold over me, 
but that which I give you
And to you, I give freely

I surrender
The battle for not
The long-suffering of a fool realized in vain
I tend to my wounds 

I look again
There you sit 
Encased in glass
Ever disinterested

The truth of the injuries laid bare
Wounds you watch inflicted upon me,
These gashes upon my psyche and my heart
Are voluntary

And though we know the truth
When called before you anon, I shall falter
Battle and succumb
In our dangerous game

You will sit
In every iteration, unmoved and self-satisfied
Innocent and treacherous
Waiting for me to once more break the glass

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