Inspiration. Randomized

I’m heading into work on the last day before the Christmas holidays and a much needed week’s vacation and my mind is a whirl with thoughts about a million different things.

Not necessarily incredibly important things. Just things.

Like, why did Matchbox Twenty choose to put a 3 minute silence in the middle of their track “You Won’t Be Mine”? And why do I fall for it every time?

I know it’s coming. I know it’s lengthy, and I know the pay off is a beautiful instrumental piece to round out the experience, but every time I listen to the song I am somehow convinced that my speakers are broken or I have, in that moment, lost my hearing.

Every. Time. 😂

I am always a little bit shaken when the strings begin to play, but then am immediately soothed.

I warned you the thoughts weren’t groundbreaking.

As the train jostles along the track, the experience is replicated in the music playing on my earbuds. We are all over the tracks.

From The Eurythmics, to Matchbox Twenty, to The Phantom of the Opera, to Blackstreet, interspersed with holiday classics, I am jingling all the way to the office.

I have been feeling a well of inspiration bubbling up lately and I am hopeful that I will be able to capitalize on it during my off time.

The marriage of inspiration and motivation has been on the rocks lately, but I am hopeful they can work it out with some time dedicated to the task.

My dear Random has been a key to this recent influx of excited creativity.

He has been watching Doctor Who from the very beginning, and as is his way, when he watches an episode he feels refers to something I am working on, or that may have something to do with writing, he will rewatch the episode with me and we will discuss the elements of storytelling present.

We have also been watching the original episodes of The Twilight Zone, and it is in watching/rewatching those stories that I am finding myself pulled in, excited, and encouraged.

The variety of stories, genres, characters, all essentially falling under the umbrella of Speculative Fiction is very freeing. Especially for a multi-genre writer like myself.

Trying to pin down exactly what I write has always been difficult for me. We live in a world and publishing is an industry that loves labels.

How can you sell something if you can’t classify what it is?

I get it. And for us multi-genre folks, especially when those genres present themselves within the same piece, it can be particularly challenging.

The anthology style of shows like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror reinvigorated my interest in storytelling, and I am excited to see where it will take me.

Well, the train is now pulling into Union Station in Toronto, so I will wrap up these thoughts from the commute and wish you all a wonderful day.

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