Benevolent Truths

Recriminations, old and new, haunt corners
Whispering doubts
Filling empty spaces with angst 

Inharmonious rumblings swirl in place
Howling, empty and frightening
Discordant and terrible

Harrowing to face the truth.
For it's a lie to claim there is nothing left to say

There is one thing.

Though we can barely bring ourselves to acknowledge it
For needing it comes with its own weight
We cannot bring ourselves to ask

There is weakness in the asking
There is vulerability in need
There is humility in its requirement

For it brings with it a sense of hollowness
Of worthlessness

The silent condemnation of every one withheld from another
Knowingly, or unknowingly
In fear,
Or as punishment

To acknowledge the need wounds
Corroding a tailored shell 
So carefully constructed to keep us safe

But we have come to acknowledge it has done nothing
Nothing but keep us alone.

An acknowledgment to make amends
Fearful, but brave
To break the cycle
Knowing the change is key to survival

I'm sorry.

Shackles unlatched, weight lifted
Yokes laid down

I was wrong.

Unfamiliar, but welcome
A warmth spreads

Forgive me.

A blanket laid upon our shoulders
Tears flow freely

I love you.

A long desired embrace
Meaningful, and tender
True power
Real strength

No longer will we be withholding

From your lips to mine, or mine to yours

Permission now given
To accept the wholeness of a life
Our lives

Freedom is bestowed upon us to gift it to another
No longer ruled by false indictments of ghosts,
We shall wrap each other in understanding

I shall live
No longer in fear of the need to feel whole
Nor in fear of granting you the same

This is my solemn vow to you.

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