A New Start – Indeed

New Year. New Storytelling Tools.

I got myself something fun for Christmas this year. Well, it’s for me, but it’s also for WBG/WBC Publications.

I invested in some video creation software and I tinkered around with it today, learning to use some of the tools available. I look forward to becoming more proficient with the software with time and practice.

It was fun, and a little bit frustrating, but I think that’s what makes creating new worlds and ideas so engaging and wonderful.

The result of my tinkering was a little video I posted on my YouTube Channel.

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It is the story of a couple, Serenity and Davis. To the outside observer, they are happy as can be, but once inside the picturesque setting, discord is apparent.

A New Start is about choices made to pursue true happiness, even when it might cost you.

With a running time of about 1 minute, and no dialogue, this little animated film takes you on an emotional journey.

As I venture into this new year, I am excited about the ‘new starts’ that lay ahead for me; and the new ways I can share those stories with you.

Now, without further adieu, I give you A New Start

A New Start – A Film by Abigail Grimes

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