Abigail Grimes is a writer of Fiction and Non-Fiction works.  She came by her passion for the written word from her parents who are voracious readers and who encouraged her to read and use her incredible imagination to spin tales of her own.

A natural storyteller, she wrote her first captivating tale in the first grade called “The House of Doom”, which was followed by “The Haunted Jar”. Sadly, this epic works have been lost over time.

With the purchase of her first word processor she began exploring her love of writing.

She turned her mind to seeking her education and sadly turned her back on her first love.  She remained a storyteller, because the stories had to be told, but did not put them on paper to share with the world.

A graduate of the University of Windsor with a BA in Sociology and Psychology, and York University’s Dispute Resolution Program, Abigail has always been interested in the things that motivate people to act.  It is a theme that drives her writing.

Now after a long reprieve, she is ready to write again.  The stories can no longer be confined to those within earshot.

Welcome to the Journey!  It’s going to be an Adventure!